Sena Essink Chapter President
Isabella Ritchie-Irvin Vice President of Community Relations
Alyssa Lopez Vice President of Membership Experience
Abigail Eisaman Vice President of Membership Integrity
Amara Tedford Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Madelyn Hubbard Vice President of Operations
Julia Rodinec Vice President of Programming & Enrichment
Makenna Cavanagh Director of New Member Experience
Emerald Thompson Director of Lifetime Engagement
Katalin Owens Director of Ritual Education
Meaghan D'Arcy Director of Academics
Hunter Johnson Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Hana Larkins Director of Administration
Anna Tennant Director of Panhellenic Relations
Kimberly Wlodarczyk Director of Event Planning
Ellie McGowan-Hill Director of Continuous Recruitment
Devin Holmes Director of Recruitment
Abigail Riley Director of Chapter Culture
Addison Millslagle Director of Finance
Brianna Bant Membership Integrity Coordinator
Chloe Gordon Membership Integrity Coordinator
delaney Wiblishouser Membership Integrity Coordinator
Hailey Parker Membership Integrity Coordinator
Makana Hoehn Membership Integrity Coordinator
Mariam Kolley Membership Integrity Coordinator
Mary Neale Membership Integrity Coordinator
Olivia Potter Membership Integrity Coordinator
Kylie Cook Finance Coordinator
Courtney Ladymon Recruitment Data Coordinator
Ava Kleinschmit Matching Coordinator
Molly O'Connor Panhellenic Relations Coordinator
Montana Sharp Campus Relations Coordinator
Kalia Cole Community Engagement Coordinator
Shawna Agamba Merchandise Coordinator
Angelina Hesson Awards Coordinator
Megan Horlick Health & Wellbeing Coordinator
Makenna Jenal New Member Experience Coordinator
Greer Garner Senior Experience Coordinator