Emerald Thompson Chapter President
Cailin Long Vice President of Community Relations
Kayla Popkin Vice President of Membership Experience
Emma Kokat Vice President of Membership Integrity
Paris Freebairn Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Amanda Lamoureux Vice President of Operations
Amber Alioto Vice President of Programming & Enrichment
Aurora Kleinschmidt Director of New Member Experience
Sydney Riley Director of Lifetime Engagement
Laurel Donovan Director of Ritual Education
Mary Neale Director of Academics
Ashton Prater Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Katalin Owens Director of Administration
Lily Smyth Director of Chapter Property
Isabella Ritchie-Irvin Director of Panhellenic Relations
Madison Miller Director of Event Planning
Sena Essink Director of Philanthropy
Ava Kleinschmit Director of Continuous Recruitment
Jayden Meister Director of Recruitment
Madelyn Hubbard Director of Chapter Culture
Rose Suchyta Director of Finance
Brianna Bant Membership Integrity Coordinator
Estelle Krause Membership Integrity Coordinator
Holly Hunton Membership Integrity Coordinator
Isabella Tovar Membership Integrity Coordinator
Madison Coy Membership Integrity Coordinator
Makana Hoehn Membership Integrity Coordinator
Muir Sorrick Membership Integrity Coordinator
Samantha Pickert Membership Integrity Coordinator
Grace McCamy Finance Coordinator
Avery Carter Recruitment Data Coordinator
Keerthana Nukala Matching Coordinator
Emilie DePinto Campus Relations Coordinator
Madalyn Delgado Community Engagement Coordinator
Gillian Lomax Merchandise Coordinator
Angelina Hesson Awards Coordinator
Avery Findsen Health & Wellbeing Coordinator
Montana Sharp New Member Experience Coordinator
Amara Tedford Senior Experience Coordinator